Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Building a winning family through service and innovation.

In a crowded and complex healthcare environment, having the right partner makes all the difference.

Industry expertise, access
to skilled labor, and innovative technology solutions make OnQ uniquely positioned to partner with your organization.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Customers Succeed with OnQ because of our:


Supporting clients from Alaska to New York, OnQ is located near-shore Panama in the Central/Eastern Time Zone and is easy flight from the US. Come visit us!


OnQ has a long history of managing outsource labor partners, providing a unique understanding of the benefits and potential pitfalls.


OnQ maintains a highly educated workforce, known for their friendliness, and family-oriented culture.


OnQ is led by executives with extensive experience managing large healthcare billing operations.


US healthcare executives on the ground in Panama provide direct oversight, training, and account management.


OnQ is quick to deploy technology to improve service levels and provide transparency.

These unique properties allow OnQ to deliver the highest service level in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Core Values

OnQ’s core values drive us and are utilized to assess employees, partners, and processes ensuring we adhere to them. They are deeply embedded in our QFamily culture.

Value Creation
OnQ’s highest priority is to create
value for its clients, its employees,
and each community in which the
company operates.
Can-Do Attitude
Every member of the OnQ team is
expected to bring a can-do attitude
to their work. We are passionate,
positive, professional, fun and caring!
Collectively, this makes for a resilient
organization that enthusiastically
tackles any challenges we face.
Commitment to Quality
Quality is an essential aspect of the
work at OnQ, and our commitment
to quality is the core foundation
that OnQ brings to each client
partnership. OnQ employees hold
themselves to the highest standards
to ensure satisfied customers,
patients, clients, and employees.
Elevate Others
We believe that elevating others is
the foundation of who OnQ is as a
company. OnQ employees elevate
each other, our clients, and the
communities we serve.
Embrace Diversity
Our strength lies in the diversity
of our QFamily. We embrace
each individual, respecting their
ethnicity, gender, whom they
love, and their religious beliefs.
We are committed to the ideals
of humanity and believe that
everyone has something valuable
to contribute to the greater good.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

what people are saying

Managing a large and growing Anesthesia Group requires planning, flexibility and dedication. As our group continues significant growth, I needed a partner that could support and scale with our billing operation. I was referred to OnQ by a colleague who had worked with a variety of vendors and recommended OnQ. We began our relationship with OnQ by assigning a few simple billing tasks. We have since expanded well beyond those tasks into much more complex billing work and grown a team of Patient Services Call Center agents to assist our patients. I have found a partner with a shared approach… planning, flexibility and dedication.

OnQ is continuously working with our team ensure we are staffed appropriately, the quality is up to our high standards and they are prepared to support growth or changes in the business. I couldn’t be happier. OnQ acts as a true extension of our business and is an excellent partner.

Director of Revenue Cycle Management, National Anesthesia Billing Company