Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

OnQ Training Methodology

OnQ is a rapidly expanding, service-oriented company with a passion for building a winning family.

It is our mission to identify, develop,
and nurture a talented workforce.

Meet the Multi-Award Winning
Vice President of Training
and Development

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Lucas Fuentes

In 2014, the Vice President of Training and Development, Lucas Fuentes, joined QFamily as a customer service representative. From his first day on the job, he has been invaluable to the team and the development of the company. Lucas uses his knowledge as an attorney to enhance customer service and train his team members to do the same. With a background in medical billing and revenue cycle management, Lucas possesses the expertise necessary to effectively lead, train, and instruct all aspects of customer service, including onboarding, new hire training, client-focused education, and HIPAA certification.

His team leadership contributes to OnQ’s environment of excellence and the core values personified by our team members to promote our family culture – value creation, can-do attitude, commitment to quality, and elevating others to the significant degree that he contributed to OnQ’s 2022 Best in Customer Service from Contact Center World for the second consecutive year.

In addition to his contributions to OnQ’s business awards, Lucas was recognized as the Best Trainer in the World by Contact Center World in 2021 and 2022. He was also inducted and recognized as a CCW Next Generation Leader at the 2022 CCW Excellence Awards in Nevada, Las Vegas.

A Service-Oriented Training CompanyA Service-Oriented Training Company

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

The process starts with having the right ingredients.

OnQ has targeted recruiting efforts aimed at attracting the top talent in the country. Once a candidate has applied, they are put through a rigorous evaluation process to ensure they embrace OnQ’s Core Values:

value creation

“can do” attitude

to quality

elevate others

embrace diversity

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

OnQ’s comprehensive Training Program begins with the building blocks for healthcare:

HIPAA Privacy and Security
Revenue Cycle Management Overview
Charge Patient Experience
Medical Billing Terminology
U.S. Healthcare System

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

The importance of customer service
and the revenue cycle are discussed
in greater depth below.

Our on-site experts have decades of billing experience, and they’ve designed
a curriculum that emphasizes:

  • Billing Process

  • Insurance Plans

  • Insurance Claims

  • Clearinghouses

  • Payment Posting
  • Insurance EOBs

  • Insurance Claims

  • +more

As sessions advance, new candidates transition from a theoretical understanding of the various parts of billing to performing exercises in our training system. This enables students to comprehend precisely what will be expected of them and provides OnQ with the opportunity to measure performance early on and identify aptitudes. In a billing system, all components of the revenue cycle are executed.

Throughout the training process, an emphasis
is placed on Customer Service.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

We acknowledge that each client will have their own method of operation. Once employees are assigned to a client, we begin training them specifically for that client.

This comprises information about the customer’s processes and protocols, a review of the quality assurance methods, and an embrace of the customer’s culture.

Processes, Procedures, Protocols
Client QA process and associated KPI targets
Corporate Culture

continuing education program

OnQ University represents OnQ’s commitment to building a winning family as well as our commitment to quality.

OnQ-U is a quarterly, continuing education program with unit requirements for all OnQ employees.

The Curriculum is designed to:

  • Ensure all employees are up to date on the latest industry updates;

  • Enhance and expand employee skills;

  • Teach our employees important life skills that translate beyond the job to contribute to happier employees

Coursework is taught by OnQ Managers, Executives, Industry Experts and often by our clients who wish to participate.